How to Choose a Right Profession?

The professional reality of today's world encourages people to choose a particular profession, though the governments have not been able to provide jobs for all yet. The United Kingdom, Russia, France, Germany, Italy, China, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Sweden, every developed country could not provide the desired employment to its educated citizens. Labor figures still disappoint us.

Job reality of underdeveloped countries is frightening. Professional statistics of countries like India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Uganda and Nigeria are horribly bad. Many rich countries have fallen into bad position with job market due to Covid-19. For example, the United States is embarrassed by almost half of its unemployed citizens. 

This is according to the data for the month of May 2020. Such information was provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. At that time people were standing on the side of the road with "Rent Forgiveness Now" placards.

Even in such a situation we have to choose the career without getting frustrated. If we don't choose a profession to achieve career goal, we may not be able to get out of a bad situation even if we get a chance. Below are tips on how to choose a right career.

Choosing Profession

Choosing a career without being influenced by others

Whatever profession you choose, it should be planned yourself. Nothing happens in the end if you implement someone else's plan here. In many families, the parents fix the children's career. We have many examples of how a child's life has gone to worse. You will also find that the child has run away from school later.

The father is a police officer so there can be no argument that the child has to be a policeman. Professional counselors do not believe that a child should be a doctor like a father or a lawyer like a father or a mother. Many people are influenced by the words of motivational speakers in choosing their profession. It can also ruin the happiness of life.

Sometimes the success of others also inspires us to be like him. When those inspirations come, we lose the thinking power. Career planning should be done spending a span of time. In the job selection process influence should not be allowed from others.

Understanding something feels good to work

There will be no influence of others, but there will be influence of feeling good of oneself in the formation of career. In this case, you have to see what you like to do. Of course, you have to think about excluding the things that waste time. 

For example, if you like to play games on the computer or mobile phone and you stay up all day with that. That doesn't mean you love games. In fact you love to waste time. Careers cannot be planned by this sign, though the wise Aristotle said, "Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work."

You need to keep in mind that you have to find a job that suits you best. If you can find that like work, half of your career selection work will be completed. If you do not feel nice with any work, go to a doctor immediately.

Understanding one's own merits

Most people are quick to point out the flaws in others. But they don't understand that they can have own flaws. People mistake in recognizing themselves. Its result is not very good. Being self-satisfied does not mean avoiding one's own evil aspects. You can never become qualified without catching the shortcomings of your own qualifications. 

This part is so important in choosing a profession. It is very important to criticize and review yourself. If you understand yourself, you can also understand your own qualifications and depth of merit.

People can never be fully qualified. Even with infinite possibilities, the Creator has placed this limitation among human beings. Understand the type of qualifications and choose the profession accordingly. Qualification can be achieved. 

However, some qualifications cannot be achieved. Instead of getting frustrated with them, you should focus on building a career on the other side. For instance, you will not be tall after a certain time. So you may not be able to join the army or the police.

So don't stop your life by getting in trouble with them. In addition, it is not right approach to try to be a policeman, but your height is low by the standards. If you find that your grade points are low then your professional life does not seem to be happy if you insist on being a teacher in the academy. However, it cannot be said that there are no exceptions.

To fix the standard of living

Decide what kind of life you want to live and what kind of environment you need for it. Everyone wants to be very good but also to see the surrounding conditions. If you want to ride a horse like the members of the royal family then you may have fixed the wrong standard of living. This happens if you do not understand the purpose of life.

Ask what was the purpose of the life of the members of the royal family, you will find the answers that nothing does not require the lifestyle of royal family to perform the purpose of life. Decide what living standard you should achieve. Then decide what you need to earn to achieve or maintain that standard of living. Choose a career accordingly and set professional goals.

If the purpose of life is to live a life of dignity and peace, and if the matter of benevolence is important, then the goal of quality of life can be simple but safe.

Don’t let the goal become a trap of unrest

We will find many examples of traps in front of us. There is a saying in folklore that "he who falls into a trap weeps." Professional goals can sometimes become a trap. It can also be said that those who revolve in the circle of money are also victims of this trap. Many people find success in their professional life but their life has become miserable just because they fall into the trap of goals.

If you are desperate to enroll in a group of billionaires, you will see that you are trapped. You can't get out. It is good if you succeed. But failure can turn your life into a wastage fabric. You can expect big jobs or you can expect to be a millionaire and then a billionaire. But if that doesn't happen, there must not keep any upsets.

You need to have the mental strength to be satisfied with the position you are in. If the process of getting rich is normal, there is no harm. If it is abnormal, it will be so difficult that you will want to escape but there will be no way to escape. 
Many times even small desires can become a trap. Like you want to be a lawyer but you are repeatedly failing in the exams. This is also a trap. You do not want to realize your limits. But if you went to another profession, you might do well.

Desire to be dedicated to a single profession

See US President Joe Biden. He is now the president of the country. But he did not rush to the presidency overnight. See his past. He has been involved in politics for a long time. He wanted to be established in politics. He did not know if he could be. But he did not give up. He eventually became the president.

We can understand the importance of wanting to be dedicated in one profession only by looking at such successful people. You will find many players whose devotion is just the game. They are playing on the international field. This is what their lives are dedicated to. 

Many people suddenly want to be a model when they were failed in other fields. But here you will find many who have been trying to be models for a long time. In fact, success requires concentration.

However, trying to establish several professions at the same time does not bring success in the end. The desire to be dedicated to one profession can be considered as one of the steps in choosing a career.

Entering into work

The Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Inc., said, "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish." It has nothing to explain. It can also be a matter of choosing what to look for when setting up a career by setting professional goals and plans. It is often seen that what looks good on paper does not look good in reality. Besides, if it looks good in reality, it doesn't look good on paper. So until you get in to work, you don't know if the job can be taken as a profession or not.

If you don't go to work, you have to stay hungry, which fools do. You can take an internship to get to work. Or you can join the volunteer team. You can also start working as a Fellow of another professional. It will be so easy to choose a profession through all these that it is not possible with anything else. It can be said that this is the last step of the career selection process. One more thing remains though. I will discuss it in the next point.

Respectful personality formation

The famous saying “A job is not just a job. It's who you are." From this quote we understand that you don't have to do the job. Through this, you have to understand that your identity is growing there. You have to choose the profession keeping in mind that personality will be developed too with the career. 

The present day career experts suggest seeing if a good personality is formed with a good profession or not. In the past, only earning money was given more importance.

A personality must be developed in which everyone respects you and you also respect yourselves. This is to be expected. Professional behavior, personal behavior, education, family background, honor and dignity, purpose in life, honesty, good character and nice behavior all combine to form this personality. Don't become infamous in the time of becoming famous. 

Let the personality be bright and followable. People will see your behavior, generosity to the society not your certificates.

The questions that come to mind when choosing a profession

Some questions need to be answered while choosing a job. Then the job selection process will become beautiful. It will be possible to get rid of many problems. You can take a look at what those valuable questions are.

How much time do you need to build a career?

Time is of the essence. Find out in advance how long it will take you to get established in your chosen profession. Does it mean spending years or decades or a full life? Come to a conclusion by comparing and analyzing the answer to that question with what time you have. Also think about whether you will get a reasonable return on the time spent.

What is the future of the profession?

You can think a little about the future of the profession you have chosen. In many cases the thinking may be wrong. Still think. If you want to be a pilot, maybe you can look to the future to see if you will need a pilot at all 20 years from now. If robots take the place of pilots, then consider the role of human pilots.

How is the income in this profession?

Whether there is a possibility of earning enough income in the profession you are going for. Or just look at the fact that you will die with work and without money. There are many professions whose income is very little but hard work and talent is well spent. Those professions are considered as amateur professions. Many analysts leave such Writings in this category. Besides, you will see yourself as unemployed even while working in some organizations.

Is respect for this profession enough?

Although there is a general definition of honor, it varies from field to field. Think about whether you will be happy for the respect you have for the profession you are thinking of. If you are a TV model and you are asked to make bad pictures, then the question must come up whether you have real respect for your popularity. Thus, if your job is politics then you may have to go through various troubles. Think about whether your respect will increase or decrease. Such questions can come up in all professions.

What is the risk of becoming a criminal in this profession?

Find out if there are any risks in the profession that you have decided to build a career in that you will become a white collar criminal. It is important to know the history of your employer in this case. Understand exactly what they will use you for. Ask if they can ruin your life by playing chess making you a pawn.

Where to go for success in the profession?

Raise the question of whether you have to go somewhere far away to succeed in the intentional profession. If you have to go far, see whether you have the condition to go far or not. Although this world is called Global Village. Marshall McLuhan says this, but there are many things you can question. Like if you have someone to look after your family, parents and property when you go away.

Where is the training of the profession?

Professional training is very useful. It is very important to take training in the beginning. It is also important to ask whether there is training and where. Those who will train will also have to think about whether they are qualified. You need to know where to train. It is also important to know about the cost of training.

Who can help build a career?

Sometimes people go a long way with the help of others. It is important to ask who will pull you into the profession you are going to form and how. Is there anyone or can you find someone who will lend you a helping hand in achieving your professional goals? Ask who will accompany you as a mentor.

Last words

Before concluding, I would like to quote Milton Barley. He said, "If Opportunity Doesn't Knock, Build a Door." This famous quote can be kept in mind when choosing a career. In other words, if you want to see something new, many problems are eliminated. There is freedom and joy in coming out of dependency and choosing an independent profession.

Everyone say that in the process of choosing a job, one should pay special attention to which job one likes best. It is also important to have an idea of ​​the future state of the profession. Happiness and peace will be possible if the goals and objectives of life match the professional goals. 

Of course, in this case, something imposed by others cannot be made a good career. If that is the case, it is not possible to form an advanced career. The advice of others can be taken. But you have to decide yourself.

The article focuses on how to choose a career. I would be happy to see your points in comment box or email if you have anything to add.

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