How to Survive Modern Slavery?

Emily Kenway, author of The Truth about Modern Slavery, called modern slavery system a great tribulation. According to her, although everyone acknowledges the issue of modern slavery, no one can solve it. In modern slavery, workers are not directly bought and sold, but no less heinous. We will not discuss the solution to this problem in this article, but we will learn to use the tool we have. We will basically reject the proposals to be victims of labor exploitation.

Modern Slavery

Ways to escape modern slavery

Emily Kenway describes labor exploitation as the result of political decisions. In other words, if we want to recognize modern slavery, we have to see whether there is a matter of exploitation of labor. You can follow the steps below to save yourself from falling into modern slavery.

Get out of where disliked work is forced

If you see that you dislike a job but you are forced to do it. You are being stressed. If you are in such a situation, quit that job. Find another job. Ostracized work can be done by having fear. Ignore them all. Try to change of job by protesting with courage. The interesting thing labor exploiters know that you don't try to change the job. They use this as an opportunity. Don't give so much opportunity to the exploitative capitalists and their stick masters if you want to achieve sustainable employment plan in your major subject.

Leave the low-wage job

Do not work for low wages day after day. This is another form of slavery. It will never let you out of poverty. According to the Global Slavery Index, from the garment sector in Bangladesh to the Italian farm sector in 2016, there were about 43 million workers, and that number is growing day by day.

In a city where cheap clothes are available, there must be an exploitative labor system. Learn to recognize capitalist’s crime or white collar criminals. They have found a way to earn huge amount of money through exploitation of labor. Let them know that it is wrong. Come on, leave them now on.

Quit jobs that don't allow you to save money

If half of your salary does not cover the cost of quality food, clothing, shelter, entertainment, health care and education for you and your family members, then you are being cheated. You are being paid less. Inflation rate changes should not be used as an excuse. You will spend the other half of your salary on savings, investments and insurance. That is the rule. If this does not happen, then you are living in a fool's paradise. The capitalist employers and their cronies are playing with you.

Don't do a job if you don't get bonus

Don't think that the purpose of the organization is at all convenient unless you are given a bonus on festival allowance and profit incentives at regular intervals other than salary. They just wanted to be rich in your labor. Don't do such a job.

Do not continue work if you do not get paid on the pay day

Those who waste time paying salaries late are exploiters like they are inhuman. They do not understand of the problem, you face while you are late to pay house rent. They do not realize that the lives of the workers are in danger without money. Or even if they realize it, they do not take it into account. Such institutions are also not interested in strengthening their accounts and finance departments. Leave them alone.

Do not do work if the salary is reduced

If the income of the organization decreases, those who reduce the salary, if they earn more, would they give all the extra money to the workers? The answer to this question is “NO”. Then there is no reason to reduce the salary if the income of the organization decreases. The workers did not do business. Workers are giving labor in exchange for wages. The institutional structure of those who reduce their salaries is also not correct. Even if there is no profit, those who cannot afford to pay.

The government also wronged by giving them licenses. Didn't they have a provision to deposit huge amount of money with the regulatory body or the central bank? These are also the ways of slavery. Tell them ‘No’.

Boycott those who lay off workers

Do not apply for a job in an organization that has a history of layoffs. If you already have a job there, decide to leave now. They will not pay the value for your past work and talent. They will off you too one day. Eliminate them in some other way. For example, do not buy their products in stores and do not buy their shares in the capital market. 

Don’t work at an organization that keeps the wholesale price of the product too low

Many factories and services victimize workers in an effort to reduce production costs. According to a study by the International Labor Organization (ILO), 81 percent of the textile, readymade garments and footwear industries are supplied at unusually low prices. When the big corporations of the developed world keep the prices of these products at a low level, it affects the entire supply chain. This increases labor exploitation. The worker is exploited in such a way that he has to work day and night for some money to survive.

Emily Kenway thinks that workers could be freed from this exploitation if they, who are the key managers of the world economy, could reduce the gap between the cost of production of goods and the selling price of consumer goods. You cannot work in such an organization. If you do, you will be a victim of labor exploitation. You will become a modern slave.

If they force to overtime, deny it

The UN Special Rapporteur says that the exploitation of workers is the cradle of modern slavery. You should not work in an organization where you are forced to work overtime. Even if you pay more, don't do it. If you sell all your time, you will become a slave. You will never have time for yourself and your family.

It is very unfortunate that overtime is forced on various institutions in the underdeveloped and developing world. Not even extra money is paid. Do not overtime whether you want to pay dollars or not. He who forced employees for overtime will be considered a criminal in the society. Remember, the owner of worker’s life is not a capitalist, but the creator. Understand, reasons for quit a job include this type of bad practices.

If there is a case of harassment of women, get out of there

Women workers have to go through various forms of harassment against their will in many workplaces. They do not disclose it due to economic pressure. They are forced to do immoral things. A report on unethical business in England and Wales in 2019 shows that many women are being forced into bad business due to poverty and lack of jobs. Even there, their dollars are not paid properly. Take recourse to the law if there is a matter of harassment.

If the work environment is not healthy, quit work

If you see that the work environment is not good and there are no signs of getting better, then do not work in that environment. Leave the workplace where you work you can get a day's food but after three days you either die or become disabled or mentally ill, isn't it better not to do that? You see other work. Be vocal even if no one else is working in these environments; complain to the government authority or court. Trying to work in a bad environment is not just exploitation of labor; it is a crime like murder.

Get out of where false assurances are given

Workplaces that do not have a standardized employment code in support of international labor organizations and government labor organizations, do not have a standard pension, gratuity and provident fund, and do not have a standard promotion provision. There is no performance evaluation system; there is no legal provision for entry into the job and dismissal. If you have joined that kind of employer, resign today. Don't believe false assurances. Do not sit in hope. Make your own way.

Leave the tax evading institution

The people of that organization evade taxes. Do not work in their organization. Those who can fool the government will fool you too. You may even have to go to jail for their crime. Don't become one of the organized criminals. Don’t be the chess piece of institutional crime. If you do not understand this in advance, your life will become miserable at some point. Then there will be no way for you to remedy. This is the difference between the mistakes of student life and the mistakes of career.

Don't work beyond your means

If the work load of one employee is combined with the work of 3 more employees then you will understand that the organization is only profit sucking. The main thing for him is to increase the reserves of dollars rather than employment. Such an institution will ruin your peace of mind. Even if the physical drainage is less, it will waste your mental fuel. You should not work outside of the certain job you were hired for.

You may think you are proving yourself to be more talented but the employer will use your desire as an opportunity for exploitation. It is an exceptional matter to get a new work with new position as promotion.


According to the opinion of Emily Kenway, the way we talk about exploitation has changed, but the root causes of exploitation have not. The real truth is very complex, even if you blame the criminals at the individual level. At its core is the modern type of global economy. If we want to uproot modern slavery, we have to uproot the roots of exploitation first. Since modern slavery has come as a result of political decisions. Politicians have to work to solve it.

My point is - you have work to do before anyone changes it, and that is to saying "No". If necessary, work for yourself individually or with association with likewise people. Large capital is a tool of labor exploitation. When everyone says "No", they will find no one else who can be enslaved.

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