How to Create a Good CV: Find CV Samples

Generally employers or human resource managers do not like to get irrelevant CV with irrelevant details. They also do not like to read longer CV. So when you create curriculum vitae from CV samples, you can follow the suggestions come from career advisors. They tell us to keep the CV in good CV format with short, informative but in bullet points style. 

Your plan should be to get attention of the employer. Find a great CV example. Remind that first chance should not be missed to get the best attention. Do you know how to write the perfect resume? Here in this short article you will get the CV writing Tips & Tricks along with CV templates.

CV Writing

What must be added in the CV?

Some elements are common to be added in the CV. Without those elements a CV is as dry as the tree without leaves. The elements include name, address, education etc. We will give you the tips on how to present CV elements wisely bellow.

Name: Write full name in the CV. New job seekers sometimes forget to write full name in the CV, as they heard others called them in nickname. They actually make laugh HR people. Writing full name has no other choice. It is standard.

Address: Write your mail address so that letter can be sent to you. Write other contact details with phone number, email address, Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn profile link. Tech people can give Github link here. If your profile does not reflect your professional identity do not add that.

Photo: Photo should be clear. And a portrait is enough. Use the photo in enough light or brightness. Posture and gesture should be standard. CV photo is important to make a quick response in brain.

Summary: Short summary of job seeking person should be written in the CV. But it should be completed in 3 to 4 sentences. No too much words and no all information just write summery about you. It should include career goals or objectives.

Education: Write educational institute’s name, Degree name and passing years in Education table in short. No necessary to include course names. But you can add extra ordinary achievements.

Experience: Write employer name, business type of them, your position and main duties. It is not wise to write every duty you performed in the CV. You can add major contribution if you want.

What other information can you add in the CV?

You can add your Internship and volunteering history and you can also add your real hobby. It will reflect your extra efforts that you are not an idle person. You are creative and enthusiastic to learning new things.

Why Reference is important in CV?

Graduates typically know that their qualification is enough to get a job. And why reference of other professionals is important they cannot realize. This is important because, employers like to get people from references. They call refer by people to know the candidates well. So use reference from family, education and professional field. Some candidates use reference of local politicians. I do not know why it is good in this post-colonial time. However, use reference with name, address and contact details.

Is it necessary to sign a CV with pen?

Placing a signature underneath the CV before the name is old fashioned but important. Its necessity still stays for the transparency and responsibilities. But when one to one communication in emails you can use digital signature. Many employers accept CV without signature but rest of them does not.

How much pages should you use to make a CV?

Career advisors suggest that fresher’s CV might be completed in 2 pages. And the CV of an experienced candidate might be made in 3 to 4 pages. Highly experienced profile may use 5 pages too. Generally managing director or vice chancellors, principals use that type of longer CV. Keep in mind that a 1 page CV is seems to be under qualified CV.

How to design a CV smartly with good typography?

Use bullet points. Do not use I, We or He, She, They pronouns. Just use not narrative points. Example: Write ‘Worked in NY Times’. Instead of ‘I worked in NY Times.’ This style is recommended by experienced jobs counselors. You should not use too many colors in the CV. Write the CV in 1 color or 2 colors. Do not use 4 colors. It is armature approach to make a CV with too many colors. Similarly, use 1 or 2 fonts. Do not use too many fonts. Font size should be categorized in title and paragraph. All title should b same and all paragraph should be same styled.

Why employers like short CV?

Make CV clear, short and informative. It is the common rule that is liked by human resource managers. Can you imagine that how much CV they see in the time of the CV shorting process? If you write too long personal details and too long educational background or job history they will drop the CV or ignore it. So make the CV elements short. Do not need to add your family background and height, weight and race in the CV for jobs. That is needed in the Bio-data to submit to your father in law other than getting into a profession.

Is grammatical error expected in the CV?

Unfortunately I got a CV of a teacher. He has a doctorate degree from Russia. I would not like to mention his name. The thing is, his CV was full of errors. Errors like grammar, spelling and typography. I was shocked with that CV that how a doctoral person can create such worst CV. Believe me, I dropped that inside the Bin as because I thought that our boss will not allow him. Make an error free CV. Grammatical error and spelling error are not expected even if you are fresher.

CV Samples

CV examples can help you create a great CV and find a job quickly.


Ann Helen

350, London (Address) 011235559 (Phone) | (email)


Masters of Communication, 2018

University of London



Nang University

Research Assistant 2010–2012


• Conducted physical and chemical laboratory tests to assist research scientists in qualitative and quantitative analyses.

• Operated experimental pilots and assisted in developing new chemical engineering processes.

• Maintained all laboratory equipment to ensure a clean and safe work environment for students and faculty.



Project Handling

Curriculum Map

Fluent in English and Spanish


Awards and Honors

Bang Foundation

Bang Prize in communication, 2019

Awarded to up to three individuals globally, each year, for contribution in medical research.


Publications and Conference

Understanding communication Sensitivity Issues in poor people.

2017, World communication Conference


Professional Associations

London Society of Journalists and Authors, London (2011–Present)


Grants and Scholarships

The Oglesby-Snyder Grant for Equity and Cultural Diversity, 2012

Association for Fit Sport Psychology



Certificate in Sociological history, 2005

Association for Applied and social life Sociology



Writing a CV is not a too much easy task for both experienced and fresher to write in 10 minutes. Give some times to make a good CV. Remember, experienced CV or fresher CV is slightly different with the experience history. Do not make other people to write your CV. You can get a review from a career advisor if you want. Do not use same CV for every job circular. 

And you need to update CVs times to time. Do not email CV without circular and without inform or permission. You can use to build your career. These are bonus tips. Now you know how to make a resume for part-time job or a full time job. 

You read CV writing tips with CV elements. Our top tip was short and smart CV is the best. If you have any points in your brain you can email us.

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