Is Labor Law of Bangladesh Well Written?

In Bangladesh labor law is actually for all types of jobs. It includes physical and mental labors. A laborer cannot be divided but administrative and supervisor employees are not included in this labor law. 

The law has not any provisions for those people. It is totally discriminative or there are gaps in the law. Bangladesh should make another law for administrative and supervisor job people.

Labor Law BD

Maybe the labor law was formed only for the ready-made garment industry, as the turmoil is common in the wage of the garment sector.

Lawyers say administrative people’s jobs may be run by their appointment letter. But such employees say that the government has no control over the private job sector. It is a totally bad example as in this beautiful world.

What is labor?

Labor refers to mental or physical work, especially that which is hard or fatiguing. When should you use labor instead of work, drudgery, or toil?

Is Labor law the employment law?

Labor laws deal with the collective rights of many workers. We wrote above that the labor law is not the law of overall employment law. Actually, employment law is missing or the labor law does not include all types of laborers and not the labor of all types of laborers.

Basics of the labor law of Bangladesh

Annual leaves, casual leaves, medical leaves etc. leaves, leave encashment, over time payment, festival bonus, basic salary, health insurance, house rent etc. are clearly defined here.

Good sides of the labor law of BD

It includes physical safety, gratuity, provident fund etc. for low wage laborers. It defines who will be benefited with leaves and maternity leaves. It is better than no labor law.

Bad sides of the labor law

The employers in the country are using the loopholes of the labor law to abuse graduates. They are offering administrative jobs with worsen labor terms to the graduates. 

Such a probation period is higher than general laborers. Less casual leaves, no annual leaves, no encashment of leaves, festival bonus is not higher than basics, no over time, no promotion rule, no gratuity, no provident fund, no concrete increment system, no health promotion system, bigger punishment for late entry and absence . 

No hiring and firing procedure. They can terminate anyone with short-time or no notice. No compensation. They are not asked for anything as labor law does not include officials. Due to bad policies people leave the organization.

Huge violations of human rights are there. People also cannot go to court for justice. Actually the incomplete labor law of Bangladesh is helping the white collar criminal employers to rob the merit, labor and times of the workers.

Some organizations have their own employment policy for low lines that are not up to the mark to reduce modern slavery, there are many contradictions. And policies for administrative people are surprisingly weaker.

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