How to Decline a Job Offer in a Good Way

What should you do if you have gotten a job offer that is not suitable for you? You must need to decline that toxic job when there were many bad signs during their interview process and other things.

But how do you politely decline a job offer? First of all, you need to figure out why you need to decline the job. Then, send them a written message with one or more valid reasons. Finally, give them thanks for their time. This is the polite way to reject a job offer.

You have to mention your job decline facts straightly but properly. We will provide you with information about the job-loss process. Read the post in full.

Job offer decline
Show your gut during a job offer decline. Image: Cottonbro Studio, Pexels

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How to Decline a Job Offer WITHOUT Breaking Next Chance

When you are sure that the job offer is not good for your career and you are going to decide to decline that job, we will recommend a 3-step process to follow for job-declining politeness that will create a positive image for you.

The first step of the three-step process is identifying why you need to decline the job and the signs you should care about.

The 2nd step is to write a letter to the hiring manager with the valid reasons. You may have another good offer, etc.

The final step is to show respect to them for the job offer. Whatever that is, either it is a good offer or not.

Let's elaborate on the steps to have a clear idea of the process:

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1. Identify the reasons why you need to decline your job offer.

Indeed, you need to figure out the reasons why you do not want to join the new company after receiving the job offer or after accepting the job offer. We made a list of seven possible reasons in this case.

a. You don't need the job: You may think that you do not need the job. May be you will go with another career, or you do not need money at this moment, etc. For example you are an admin officer, but you have another skill of computer coding. You may want to change the career to web developer or starting a company for related business.

b. Payment Issue: May be the payment offer is not good according to your needs. Suppose, you are a content developer, but your offered salary is like a typist.

c. The job offer is not up to market: If you think that the job offer is full of too many tasks or that the company is thinking badly about how to deal with its people, and their skills.

d. They fail to recognize your knowledge: If you see that the offer is below, they are failing to recognize your knowledge and your experience. May be the position is not right for you, etc.

e. Showing confidence: Sometimes, job seekers want to show that they have the guts to decline a job offer. This type of confidence is a lesson for dominant and cautious hiring managers.

f. You have other job offers: This is a valid reason to decline a job offer. When you have multiple job offers, you will definitely choose the better offer and reject the others.

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2. Writing the Job Offer Decline Message

To decline a job offer, include a valid reason that will not hurt them. You can send them a text message from your phone, an email, or a letter on paper.

Some people like to talk over the phone about the matter of job declines.

Job Offer Decline Email (example)


Dear Hiring Manager,

Thank you for the opportunity to join as a [position] for [company]. At the same time, I have another job offer, and your payment offer does not seem to cover my needs. After careful consideration, I have come to an unavoidable decision. Unfortunately, I have to decline this job offer at this time.

Thanks for your valuable time.




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3. Why to Gratify Them During the Job Offer Decline

When you show respect, they will think that you are a good person. They might create a better job offer later for you. After all, a good manner is gratifying.


You have gotten the details on how to decline a job offer in a satisfying way. Actually, it is good to send a letter to the company to decline the job offer. We have recommended a 3-step guide in this case. You also knew why people decline a job offer. Do not decline a job offer without sending a message in a good manner.

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