7 Steps to Get a Python Programmer Job

 Python is becoming popular day by day over the world. This awesome program is used to make automation, data analysis, artificial intelligence etc. Python is very useful to work on devices and online. 

So, Python job is becoming more demanding in near future as a long term career. Here we will write 7 steps to become a python developer. 

Python Coding Job

Step 1: learn very basics of the coding

This part will include html5, css3, basic JavaScript. This basics will help you understand coding and styling of applications. When you do python coding you will need designing of the front sides. You can learn HTML coding online and CSS, JS, almost every languages. 

Step 2: Start learning of Python basics

Basic part is crucial for Python learning. Without learning of the basics you can not jump into the deep parts of Python. Learn Python coding like tags, syntax, comments, data types, casting, strings, loop, Booleans, variables, numbers etc.

Step 3: Learn Python advance and database system

Learning advance is not very easy. In this stage you may need a mentor. You can find your best teaching mentor online. Python mentors or Python teachers give Python course in video or live class. You can go to their in-person classes.

Step 4: Learn a framework of Python. It could be Django or OpenCV

A python framework will help you develop websites with python. Without Python framework learning a Python job is almost impossible. It will shorter coding times and make easy your Python project. Best Python Frameworks are- 

a. Django

b. Falcon

c. Flask


e. Bottle

f. CherryPy

g. CubicWeb

h. Dash

Step 5: Create Some Small Projects with Python

Without practicing any learning cannot be fully achieved. Likewise, trying to coding some small Python projects may fulfil the Python coding learning. You can re-create some existing ideas like calculator, small games etc. Find some Python Projects here:

a. Hangman Project in Python

b. Dice Rolling Simulator in Python

c. Rock Paper Scissors Python Game

d. Mad Libs Generator Python Game

e. Email Slicer Project

f. Message Encode Decode in Python Project

g. Magic 

h Ball Game 

i. Target Practice Game 

j. Alarm Clock with GUI 

k. Binary Search Algorithm 

l. Desktop Notifier App in Python 

m. Clickomania Game 

n. Convert Text to Speech in Python 

o. Python Battleship Game

p. Youtube Videos Downloader

You can develop your own idea as well to make a Python project.

Step 6: Create a Good Resume and Apply for Python internship. 

Python internship is not too much difficult to find. You can use LinkedIn to get to a office or lab. Python programming internship possible company list may be helpful for you in this regard. Create a nice CV and upload things in Github

List of Best Internship Websites

a. LinkedIn 

b. Internshala 

c. Twenty19 

d. StuMagz 

e. LetsIntern 

f. InternWorld 

g. FreshersWorld 

h. Youth4Work 

i HelloIntern

Step 7: Start working as a Python programmer

After internship completion you can expect a job offer from the company. A Python Developer is responsible for coding, designing, deploying, and debugging development projects, basically on the server-side (or back-end). They may, however, also help businesses with their technological framework.

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