What is a Back End Web Developer?


A career in website development is fascinating for the younger generation. Some like front end site development, and some are fond of back end development.

When it comes to back end development, the question of what is a back end web developer is a common. Actually, when a coder deals with site's inside matters, he is called a back end site developer. Generally, he writes codes for data processing and showing results.

In this post, we will discuss his skills and everyday job in detail.

What is a back end web developer
Coding for a site's inside order is the core engine. Image: Christina Morillo

What is a back end web developer?

Indeed, a back end site developer is a software engineer, but he works for page mechanisms and creates and maintains the server-side logic of a internet application.

His common job elements include the database, application programming interfaces (APIs), and server-side commands. This type of engineer works behind the scenes to make sure that websites and web applications function correctly.

His coding knowledge spreads over HTML, CSS, and general JavaScript. He is not responsible for front end design and HTML CSS coding. The user interface (UI) is not his concern.

Rather, he needs a language like PHP, etc. The career of coding is in-demand across the world.

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A Server-side Coder's Daily Works

Server-side coding, and databases are the main concerns of a coder who deals with the data processing. This type of computer engineer typically does the following tasks every day at their desk:

  • Database schema design and upgrade
  • Ordering server-side codes
  • Create APIs (Application Program Interfaces)
  • Implement site security measures
  • Relate back side coding to front end design
  • Troubleshooting enormous errors

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Common Skills Backside Engineers Require

A set of skills is needed to be a successful posterior site engineer. Coders need a strong concept of programming languages, databases, and site building ideas. They should also be learned through security best practices.

We are presenting some of the most common programming languages used by website engineers to site engine modules:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • C, C++
  • ASP.Net
  • Java
  • JavaScript

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Server-side Language Features



Server-side Languages

(PHP, Python, Ruby, PHP, etc.)

They process the user's input.

Display the required pages.

Structure of page applications.

Interact with servers or data stores.

Interact with databases.

Querying the database. 

Connecting with SQL 

Encoding of data into HTML and CSS.

Operations over databases like insert, delete, update.

Difference Between Front-end And Back-end Programmers

Commonly, front end programmers focus on the visual elements of a website, such as the design, layout, and user interface. These also include text, illustrations, images, and videos.

On the contrary, back end programmers work on the server-side aspects of an internet project, such as the database, application logic, and site security.

Solving problems and protecting sites from malware are also their concerns.

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Examples of Server-side Processing

Imagine, you are using an online platform for money transfers. You have opened the money transfer page. You may see some buttons, images, videos, texts, etc. These are surface level designs.

When you click on the button 'PAY' after filling up the account number and amount, the page will verify your identity and balance against transferred amount connecting database. At the same time, it will verify the validity of the receiver. Then, it will proceed with the order. This part is the back end part.

A social media page allows users to connect with each other with logical applications that track account data.

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Roadmap to Become a Coder for Internet Application

As it is a brain-gaming career, you may decide to have this for your future. To become a core-side engineer, you will need to learn the necessary skills and computer and internet technologies.

In this digital era, taking an online course can be the first step to becoming an online page maker. There are many online courses and tutorials that can teach you the basics of coding for inside processing.

To know the required skill set, you can find job postings for a backside web developer.

Once you have the necessary skills, gain practical experience in coding world, you can start applying for internships or jobs as a site data logics.

Only hard work and dedication can make you a successful professional for back end web development and bring you a handsome salary each month.

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Finally, we can say that the back end programing practitioners deal with the site's server side functions. They are in high demand in today's job market in the USA and other countries. Becoming a back end site coder is a great choice for a computer engineering student or a student of another major. With the right skills, training, placement, and experience, you can have a rewarding career here.

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