Worker Destroys the Workplace after Losing Job


Worker Destroys the Workplace after Losing Job

A couple of beautiful two-storied buildings are there by the lake. Flowers are blooming in front of the garden. A light stream is flowing in the water of the lake there. All in all a serene environment was in the area. 

Suddenly a person appeared there with an excavator and immediately he started demolishing a building. In the blink of an eye, the excavator crushed a part of that specific two-storied building. Such a video footage of the incident has gone viral on net sphere.

What was the reason behind the occurrence? Local news media and the NDTV reported that the anger person who was demolishing the house was working in that building. He has recently lost his job and that's why he got angry with the employer and destroyed the anterior workplace building.

This surprising episode happened yesterday in Calgary, Canada. It is one of the cosmopolitan cities with numerous high-rising buildings with green places; People said that the sacked employee is 59 years old. However, his name has not been disclosed. Even why he lost his job was not uncovered.

The text with the shocking video uploaded on popular social SMS media Twitter was, 'Nobody can do that after losing his job, a worker is crushing his workplace with an excavator like this.' 

One commented under the video, 'Finally the working class people have woken up.' The comment was interesting for almost all of the working people of the capital reverence world.

Local media of the Calgary also reported that the police arrived the place shortly after the incident they arrested the person for damaging his past workplace. Formal charges will be brought against him in the court. But working class people have empathy for both the persons.

The owner of the demolished building, Geordie Newlands, said there were several other buildings at the scene. However, a two-storied building was the victim of the former worker's anger. Now, several hundred thousand dollars will be spent to repair the building. 

He also said, 'Fortunately, no one was injured in this incident. Something we never thought would happen. It was unimaginable.'

This protesting behavior of the job lost person that converted into a crime is achieving supports from others as he deserves work-life rights. 

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Maybe there was something unusual behind the sacking of him from the work.

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