Job vs Entrepreneurship: Which is Better?

Sometimes job is good and sometimes it is not a good fit for us. Job vs entrepreneurship is a pro debate topic consequently we can not satisfy ourselves with one thing whether job is selected career or not. 

In this article, we will try to explain some points regarding this debate as career advice from job and Entrepreneurship experiences. 

Job vs Entrepreneurship: the Better Choice

A career in a job is fine if the job is like a welfare service directly to the mass people. It is generally public service with 100 percent honesty and sincerity. These types of jobs can be a good career and many people have these dreams. For instance, army officers, police officers, navy officials, doctors, teachers, and journalists can be satisfied with their jobs as those are the most important for leading the states. Politics is a good career but it is not a general job. 

Non-Govt jobs are also fine if you have the chance to serve mass people as welfare with the same honesty and sincerity. 

In both cases, your personal and family lives should be secured with enough food, residential and health benefits, and necessary money. 

When Entrepreneur Career is OK? 

Entrepreneurship is the best career if you feel that you can take risks and you enjoy high level freedom in the workplace. 

Typically, entrepreneurs have courage to become independent in business. You must have the ability to make a good plan and to execute that with highest efficient and maximum efforts. The Entrepreneurship can win the race of the job vs entrepreneurship if you have enough money to invest or ability to collect the money. 

Entrepreneurship is fine if you think that your employer is not interested in using your brain and ability. 

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