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There is no adult who does not need money. Many minors may also need money to live here. Parents provide money to students. But if the parents are not financially well off, they cannot pay for the student's tuition. The student may even have to cover the family expenses in addition to his own expenses with his own income. They need job search tips to find a job quickly as a student. In America and Europe, the example of students taking on family responsibilities is not very noticeable.

In Asia, the number of students taking on family responsibilities is much higher. One thing to keep in mind is that the main job of the students is to do their studies properly. If he hits it, he will no longer be a student. If the student passes in any way, he will not be able to give any gift to the country and society in future. Students can’t do all the work. Because they have to spend a lot of time studying. In the developed world, students are only allowed to work 20 hours a week.
Student Jobs

However, how students can meet their own expenses or help to support their own expenses as well as family expenses is our topic today.

Online typing

Offices sometimes have a lot of work pressure. Then the officers do not have time to do their own typing tasks. If they can get the job done with someone else, it saves them both time and money. Typing of various office papers can be done online.

There are several websites that can help you with this typing task. They get the typing work of different companies done by typists. They act as agents in the given office and also act as agents for those who type. They also do the work of quality checking. Students can do the typing job as a part-timer sitting at home. Upwork has also place many online typing jobs available.

Virtual Assistant

There are many busy people who need their personal assistant. They write their own speeches with others, because they have to give a lot of speeches. They don't even have time to manage their own social media pages. He gave the responsibility to the personal assistant. They make the most important phone calls through personal assistants and receive phone calls in the same way. He also does paperwork in the same way. Fiverr lists virtual assistant jobs in their marketplace.

He does this to save his time and to maintain the quality of work. It is very important to have a personal assistant when you become an important person. Otherwise the busy person is likely to get sick. Less important people hire virtual personal assistants without directly hiring personal assistants. Students can work as a virtual assistant as a part-timer.

Digital marketing

The present age is dependent on information technology. The concept of trade in conventional business has changed a lot with the touch of technology. New methods are being used instead of the old ones. As a result, the old traders have faced many big challenges. Many brands have already left the market due to not being able to adapt to the changes. The old method of marketing is now obsolete. Push method marketing does not work now.

Now comes the pool system marketing. And the most successful medium of this approach is the digital medium where marketing can be done at low cost by setting targets.

This is something that marketing managers do for someone who understands digital marketing. Besides, the digital marketing team is different from the old team. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. provide excellent marketing tools. Students can do this digital marketing work online from home by creating a geek on Fiverr.

Content making

In the digital world, content is called the king. Without good content the message cannot reach the users successfully. But content creation is much more competitive now. Cut copy paste days are over. Now you have to create basic content. As a result, companies are realizing the importance of content makers. They hire people who can create good content.

Students can join the content creation team. A lot of work can be done online. There is a way to make a good income by creating content in your spare time. There are various types of work like making videos, writing stories, writing scripts, creating theme songs, writing press releases, writing blogs, making website content etc., which is used as digital content.

Product delivery

Nowadays e-commerce websites have become popular. When buyers order a product from an e-commerce site, that product has to be sent to the customer's address. Not all countries have yet started using ecommerce site drones for this delivery. They do this with delivery boys. Food delivery in particular has now received quite a response among young eaters.

Those who have not cooked themselves to save time or for laziness apply for food delivery online. The delivery boy then delivers the food to the buyer. Students can take part in the delivery of such food or other small products, because this job is not too much trouble and it is good to earn.

Online data entry

When various handwritten applications and papers come to the offices, they have to be sorted in an orderly manner to check and check whether there are duplicates etc. This is easy to do if you can take the data to the computer. This work is called data entry in the internet world. Online data entry has long been popular everywhere, especially in America and Europe. It takes less time for offices, can work with many people at the same time and also saves them money.

If students do this data entry work then they can earn good money sitting at home online. Part-time online data entry jobs can be found by registering your name on websites that offer online data entry jobs.

Photo editing

It's easy to take photos with a click, but it's not so easy to make the photos presentable. The biggest problem is that the number of photos is much higher. Hundreds of pictures from memory card and even from thousands of pictures to sort out only 5 to 6 pictures or 15 to 20 pictures are quite a hassle. Many people do not know about this toughness. They become impatient as they fail to realize the reason why photographers do not deliver photos quickly.

Anyway photo editing is pretty hard work not everyone can do it. The color, light, size, beauty, etc. of the image are fixed using Photoshop software. Only trained can do this. If students have this training, they can do photo editing. Photo editing can also be done online.

Video editing

After shooting an hour of video, most of the time only 2 minutes of video is made by cutting it from a lot. Sometimes producers have to record 3 hours of video to make a 1 minute or one and a half minute video. Even after recording the video for 7 days in a row, only a few seconds of video are selected for use in the documentary. To do this sort of work, video editors have to run a lot in the video editor software.

They increase the quality of the video after cutting it by setting the lights, colors, frames properly. Their job is to be able to give the right transition. Sometimes video editors make artificial videos.

Which we see in advertisements and video introductions, now many companies make videos for social media and video sharing mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. Lots of video editing work is available online. Students can do this job of video editing job.


There is joy in teaching students. It also increases one's knowledge, when another student does the teaching, we call it tutoring. It is actually caring than teaching. Baby students need more of this tutoring. The tutor does the job of keeping the standard of homework in order to study their school properly, taking the time to read and placing the student at the regular reading table. Many people do tutoring for earning.

Students can take responsibility for other students as well as study. This will enable them to sharpen their knowledge. Currently online tutoring is also a little advanced level for students. They are very popular among young students. Young people here learn and teach things that are not taught in conventional school classrooms.

Kitchen cleaning

Consider before doing this job, it is good to earn money, but a little odd job. Not everyone is comfortable doing it. Cleaning the kitchen is also quite a hassle. Students need to contact a cleaning agent if they want to clean the kitchen. There are many websites that mediate kitchen cleaning work. If you are looking for a job by registering in them, there is no shortage of work.

There is no shortage of kitchen cleaning jobs because even if people clean their own kitchen, it can be done up to a certain stage. The kitchen cleaner team is needed for a very nice cleaning. They use modern equipment to clean people's kitchens in groups.


Who doesn't want the house to look beautiful? They are made beautiful by painting the walls of the houses. The windows are also painted. The most difficult task is to paint the exterior walls. The work can be done beautifully by trained staff. Ordinary people are at risk of getting pain when they go to paint. Moreover, it takes a long time to paint own house to coloring beautifully.

For all these reasons, people paint houses with outsiders. There are different teams to color. By joining these groups and training, students can also paint houses at specific times of the week. Home painting is paid daily or by the hour. And this money is not less for a student.


Many people love to plant fancy trees and flower saplings. Good minded people are eager to do gardening. If the student has such an extreme desire, he can invite the homeowners to plant a roof garden or a backyard garden. If you agree, you can earn some money by gardening. Besides, seedlings can be produced from seeds and sold. Or fancy vegetable herb leaves can be sold. The fun of falling in love with a tree is different.

Only those who have done it know. Money in this work is the source of mental satisfaction. When the flowers bloom, the heart is full of joy. Students can do this as well as study. It will also gain practical knowledge of planting.

Fixing devices

In the age of modern information technology, the use of various electronic devices has increased so much that it is difficult to find people without devices. The price of these devices is not low. People buy laptops, smart phones, smartwatches, smart TVs, digital cameras, etc. by saving money or using credit cards.

These devices improve rapidly, so people buy older devices to buy newer versions. For this reason, companies do not make the devices very durable. So these are often spoiled.

Once the 1 year warranty period has passed, it is quite a hassle to fix these. Many times it is seen that the problem of the device is not a very complicated one. If you fix the problem without changing the device, it can be used for a long time. Once students learn how to repair these devices, they can take up the job as a part-time device fixing job in a repair shop. It can be a good income.


It's interesting. The idea of ​​earning money from gaming was not there before. One plays the game and the other sees it, earning money from it. It’s a job that’s pretty fun. Various video game makers pay new players for game reviews. Adolescent’s waste time playing games. Students can do this if they want to earn by doing this work.

But gamers have to endure some criticism, because games waste people's time. There are some games that have become known and popular all over the world just because of gamers. The Vice City game is played on YouTube by one person watching the other. Everyone who casts their eyes upon it wants a go. The game may be live and may be uploaded later. More fun live games.

Call center job

Different companies allow third parties to do this in order to receive phone calls as the number of incoming phone calls increases; this is how call centers work. The demand for call centers is high among young people all over the world. Students can become proficient in various subjects by working in a call center. In addition to receiving calls at the call centers of various service providers, the customer also has to be served.

Small issues have to be resolved over the telephone. In this way the student can become proficient in providing services. But there are downsides to call center jobs. Then this job is not like doing it for life. It does not support the body. Speech and mental strength are not the same throughout life.

Brand Ambassador Job

At various times we read in newspapers that one person has become a brand ambassador of a company. The stars are made brand ambassadors, especially players, actors, singers, writers, orators etc. Meritorious students are also made brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors make money by disseminating various company information on different platforms.

Brand ambassadors attend various events of the company, accompany on various tours of the company, and give lectures. Big organizations make big stars brand ambassadors.

But small companies want to give this opportunity to unpopular newcomers. Students can try to be brand ambassadors. It has the opportunity to increase income as well as acquaintance. There are more opportunities to expand the communication network.

Event Job

Businesses organize a variety of events to make buyers aware of their position. Although I was surprised to hear that the various activities of the program are not done by organizations themselves, they let third parties do these things. This third party is called the event management agent or event management company. Event management companies employ young people in their companies. That's why students can go to these companies to do event jobs and express their desire.

It provides daily or hourly wages. Events are also organized online at present. There can also be tried. Many people also do the work of decorating the wedding house. Many also take pictures, organizes conferences. Convocation is organized. Lots of work there- food festivals, fairs etc.

Ride sharing

If you know how to drive well and have a license, you can share car or bike rides with others. It is currently very popular in some other countries besides the UK; the ride sharing app Uber is quite popular. Young bikers continue to do this with motor bikes. A large number of students earn their living by riding bikes in their spare time. Some even work as car drivers for Uber. This job is very fun and well earned.

These apps are designed to ensure the safety of both the driver and the passenger. There is no problem with rent. A small portion of the driver's income is taken by the ride sharing app authority as their mediation fee.

Newspaper delivery

Although news is available on the internet, papers are still delivered in the morning in various offices and homes. Some demand still remains. The task of getting the paper or magazine home is quite easy. Riding a bike can deliver paper to many offices or homes. Papers can be delivered to almost all the houses in an area in just half an hour. The task of distributing this news paper can be taken up by contacting the hawker.

If students do this, their reading is not harmed. Spending 1 hour at a certain time every day can be a good source of income. Since paper delivery is still going on, you can try to get this job.


Carpenters make various nice furniture and wonderful things with wood. In the work that these people do, they cannot handle everything alone. They seem collaborative. Our idea is that as a carpenter's collaborator, students will get the job they want. Working as a carpenter's assistant for a certain amount of time each day can mean a good amount of money at the end of the day.

Going to the carpenters and expressing your wishes seems to reduce the risk of disappointment, because not everyone can do these things, and not everyone wants to do these things. As a result, those who are interested in doing this work will easily get it. Carpenter's work is also quite interesting. Since carpenters design and make wonderful things.

Food making

All are living things on earth. People cannot live without food. Although everyone can eat food, not everyone can prepare food. Trained cook people prepare food. Trained people are employed to prepare food in different restaurants. Students can submit their CVs to restaurants to help chef. People need allies in kitchen. There is also joy in preparing food. That pleasure is no less than taking food.

There are many people who are fond of cooking. They make their own food and eat it themselves and feed others. Apart from restaurants, students can also prepare and sell food at home in various food shops. It is also possible to earn good money.

Assembling device parts

Current electronic devices are made in a very different style. The devices are made where they are sold. The reason is to try to pay less tax, reducing transportation hassle etc. However, in some countries the instruments are thriving. They go to the factory to put the machines together. You don't have to be a great engineer to do this. Anyone can do this job with a few days of training.

The demand for this job is increasing day by day. As a result, if students take part in this work, it will be a way of earning. Doing so will also create a better idea of ​​the devices in the different parts of the device, which will be able to shape the future career of the student. It can also be useful for future employment.


Computer science students can earn money by coding as part timers. Now many people do short courses without reading computer science or know coding by reading books themselves. They can also do coding jobs. Front end coding works in various web design and development firms are available. App developers hire people who know coding. There is value in efficiency. Degrees do not have that much value.

Web design also involves creating WordPress themes or customizing other themes. And in the case of development, the demand for app development is high. There is also a lot of demand for making other tools. Students can do this only if they have an idea about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and some frameworks.

Shop keeper job

There is a demand for young salesmen in different stores. When salespeople are young, buyers are attracted. Or young people can communicate well with buyers. For these reasons, young people are taken as shop keepers. Only part time sales staff can provide good service, because their skills are more than full timers. Salespeople have a way of earning money when they are students. They also became proficient in communication.

This is quite useful for future careers. Going to different shop owners with a CV and a cover letter increases the chances of getting a chance 3 times. However, the resume needs to have a reference from a known person. It is not to be expected that shop owners will hire someone without reference.


We are not discussing any other way in today's article as the article is getting bigger. There are many more ways that students can take as recourse to earn some money. But what we have discussed points to simple ways. Students need easy ways. They also need to make sure that they do not spend too much time getting work. If there is no pre-existing skill to do the job, it should be eliminated if it takes more time to acquire the skill.

It is not necessary to be fully skilled for part time work. If you want to be fully skilled, you have to finish your education first. And that is necessary for a full-time job. Try to find a part time job. We wish your career success.

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